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viventor is a p2p lending platform from Latvia. It offers mortgage and personal unsecured loans from Spain and Sweden.

viventor belongs to Prestamos Prima from Spain but is run by Viventor SIA from Riga, Latvia.


The shown statistics show the investable sum of loans available. p2p-monitor polls the plattform every minute and checks the first 100 loans available.

Loans who are put online and bought in between this intervalls are not seen by the monitor and therefore not in the graphs. If there are more than 100 loans available these are not evaluated by the p2p-monitor.

Availability of consumer loans

viventor offers short term consumer loans with interest rates ranging from 10.5% to 12% per year. They are usually put on the website at around 5 am (GMT+1). Auto invest portfolios seem to all run at around 7 am for the first time so manual investing is best done between 5 am and 6.30 am.



Since viventor has mortgage loans on offer again the investable amount available is quiet high. The interest rate of 8% to 9% does not seem to interest most investors as there is basically no decrease in the sum available. Whereas the little spikes in the morning show the shortly available consumer loans. The spikes are low compared to the mortgage loans because p2p-monitor only analyzes the first 100 offers, consumer loans usually have a investment amount of about 500€ whereas mortgage loans start at around 50k€.




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