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viventor review and secondary market strategy – part 2


The first part dealt with viventor in general and my experiences with viventor. It goes on with my secondary market strategy and how I have pushed my yield this year.

My secondary market strategy

I used this strategy very successfully between December and March, but now it only brings in revenue occasionally.

The success of my secondary market strategy results from two factors: firstly, that viventor always has a very limited number of loans with 14%, now 13% from Atlantis Financiers in the Netherlands, and secondly, that these loans are always put online as a whole at the same time.

Being fast is very important, because usually all credits are filled within a very short time. As soon as I have bought credit shares, I place them on the secondary market with a premium of 1%.

At first glance, this strategy may seem pointless, because the 1 percent profit is lower than the interest that there is for a month (1.167 percent at 14% p.a., 1.083 percent at 13% p.a.). The whole thing becomes interesting with the shortest possible holding time per credit share and thus a high turnover rate of capital.


Interest rate 13% p.a.

Investment: 10.000€

Interest income per month 108,33€

Secondary market turnover at 1% premium and complete investment

100€ = 1% of 10000€

If this secondary market turnover takes place within one week, for example, the return is 1% per week instead of 1.083% per month!

And this is exactly what I did extremely well in January, which is why I achieved a return of 4.3% in one month. I sold almost four times my entire portfolio on the secondary endowment policy market and in addition, since I was fully invested almost all the time, I normally received interest for the duration of the holding period of the loans. By the way, this is not obvious at first glance, because the pro rata interest is only credited on the interest payment date.

As already mentioned above, this principle doesn’t work so well anymore, occasionally I sell something on the secondary market, but the demand is meanwhile very low. I can’t say whether it’s because hardly anyone is buying or because Atlantis Financiers is now offering a lot of credit on the secondary endowment policy market. does not publish statistics on sales on the secondary endowment policy market.

List of secondary market income

Secondary market viventor
Jan 3.88%
Feb 0.28%
Mar 0,28%
Apr 0.37%
May 0,40%
Jun 0.07%
Jul 0.27%
Aug 0,00%
Sep 0.17%

The Viventor App

Viventor offered an app after Swaper and Twino as third. Unfortunately it has been discontinued in the meantime. That wouldn’t be bad in itself, the mobile website works very well, what annoyed me was that it didn’t work from one day to the next after the viventor website got an update. The main problem might have been that the login was changed, but the app was not adapted. Shortly afterwards the app had disappeared from Google Play. Only those who had already installed the app can still see it in the store.

viventor App Google Play

the app as available until early 2018

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