monthly report january 2019

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The last few months have been insanely crowded, lots to do and far too little time for the site and the blog. I will deliver the monthly reports for November and December in the next few days. But now let’s take a look at the January figures.

Current distribution

swaper I clipped my wings a bit after too much cash was lying around before Christmas. Viventor profited from this and continued to grow, from 27.21% in October 2018 to 33.84% in the meantime. I also increased a bit at mintos, where before Christmas there were 13% and 14% loans but that’s already going down again. At envestio the first repayments were due, so far everything is running smoothly. Unfortunately the interest rates on new projects are also falling due to too much demand.

p2p distribution January 2019

p2p distribution January 2019


There are defaults on two of my non-buyback platforms. At estateguru I currently deduct all reflows because the interest rates are too low for me and I want to wait until at least one of my failed projects has been recovered. Currently the statistics are a bit sad, 5 current, 3 defaulted and 2 overdue (78 and 303 days). But I don’t want to hide the fact that there are also 33 successfully repaid projects.

estateguru stats

estateguru stats

At flender there is unfortunately also a default and here I didn’t like the communication at all. The company was already dissolved at the time of the notification and they seemed to be running after the problem. Here I am very interested in the recovery.

Yields and cash in January 2019

Plattform Rendite in % Cashbestand in %
viventor 0,38 % 0,00 %
Mintos 1,00 % 0,00 %
swaper 1,23 % 13,08 %
viainvest 1,10 % 1,02 %
peerberry 0,92 % 0,00 %
estateguru 1,20 % 0,67 %
grupeer 1,05 % 0,04 % 0,93 % 0,00 %
envestio 1,31 % 16,84 %
flender 0,44 % 1,92 %
iuvo 1,13 % 0,00 %

At Viventor, things are looking rather sad at the moment, which is due to the fact that factoring loans are currently being held until the end of the term, where they were usually repaid very quickly before. I am assuming that this will subside by March and that some payments will come later due to the Christmas business.

swaper continues to run very well in terms of interest rates, but reinvestment still hangs in the balance.

Viainvest continues to tick like clockwork, to be honest I forget the platform from time to time because it runs so unspectacularly and no cash problems or interest rate cuts require my attention. Only at the beginning of the year the residency certificate is requested, I am currently writing a separate article about this.

estateguru shone in January with a high interest income, as a few due projects have paid.

envestio continues to run very well, unfortunately there are few new projects at the moment, so some money is lying around after the first loan repayments. An autoinvest would also be a great thing!


The envestio trial balloon is developing very well, all interest and repayments so far on time. However, it will not be topped up without further loans.

At estateguru and flender, I’m pulling out until the first results in the recovery are available, and the interest rates of 10-11% are too low for non-buyback. At flender the cash quota will increase, because payouts are not possible until 60€, clear thumb down for this!

Otherwise you have to hold your course, the annual yield 2018 was great (also in a separate article), there is nothing to complain about.