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General Information

swaper is a p2p lending plattform. It offers consumer loans from Georgia and Poland.

swaper is part of Wandoo Finance from Latvia.


The shown statistics show the investable sum of loans available. p2p-monitor polls the plattform every minute and checks the first 100 loans available.

Loans who are put online and bought in between this intervalls are not seen by the monitor and therefore not in the graphs. If there are more than 100 loans available these are not evaluated by the p2p-monitor.

Availability of consumer loans

swaper offers short term consumer loans with a interest rate of 12% p.a. Investors who are investing more than 5.000 € can receive a 2% higher vip interest rate. The auto invest portfolios are working very fast on swaper, therefore there is almost no chance of manually investing at the moment.

Monitoring available loans on swaper is very difficult because of the fast AIs. Even by polling every minute just few loans are “seen” by the p2p-monitor. Personal investing experience shows that it is not lack of loans in total because the money invested is re-invested quickly after becoming available.






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