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Another month’s gone by. Today is a holiday in Baden-Württemberg, ideal to enjoy a cup of tea and watch the ingenious yield of the last month.

Current distribution

p2p distribution october

p2p distribution October

Viventor and swaper hold their own and continue to grow thanks to very good performance. I have dissolved the “P2P other” item, envestio and flender are now listed separately.

Returns and cash in October

Plattform return in % cash in %
1,77% 0,00%
1,07% 8,64%
1,51% 7,56%
1,13% 0,20%
1,05% 3,24%
0,91% 0,00%
1,38% 0,36%
0,58% 0,89%
1,21% 0,23%
0,90% 0,10%
group 0,93% 8,36%

At Mintos the >= 12% credits are scarce, there is currently a lot of cash here. With swaper I have got used to it slowly, whereby one must mention that with me with swaper at the end of the month very much is paid back. Otherwise there doesn’t seem to be a lack of loans at the moment, the Christmas business should improve that even further.

At Viventor, as expected, there have been a lot of interest back payments, in addition my secondary market strategy went very well this month, 1.77% in one month is still impressive. All others are within the expected range, only continues to weaken. At the end of the year, I’ll do some exact calculations, but I’m beginning to doubt that 14% will actually be achieved here.


In October I increased envestio by about 20%, deducted the repayments at flender and also remitted the repayments at estateguru. Otherwise there were no changes. Thanks to the very respectable interest payments, my overall portfolio continues to increase.

At estateguru there is still no news about the defaulted loans, a pity, because in the meantime 2 of my remaining 16 loans have defaulted and 2 are 31-60 days late.

The envestio test balloon is developing very well, all interest rates so far punctual. I have increased a little in order to be able to participate in even more credits. Reflows and interest are reinvested from 10€.


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