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Estateguru campaign

Estateguru celebrates its fifth birthday and donates a cashback bonus on certain investments until 28.10.2018. The cashback will be credited to the account.


+ 0.5% cashback bonus for all investments above €1000
+ 1.0% cashback bonus for all investments above €10,000
As usual, the campaign is aimed at investors with large denominations or high risk appetite.

If you still want to invest today, you could be standing in front of closed doors, as estateguru announced maintenance work tonight.

Envestio campaign

Envestio is currently promoting the project “Crypto-mining Farm 350GTX1080ti” (Project ID EN018055) by Baltreit SIA. In addition to the normal interest rate of 22% p.a. there is 1.5% bonus interest for all those who invest until 26.10.2018 20:00 (UTC+2).
The loan runs for 7 months and pays monthly interest.

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