estateguru – plattform review and raffle (win 2x 50€)

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In cooperation with estateguru I’m starting a raffle on the blog today. You’ll find more details at the end of this post.

I’ve written very little about estateguru on the blog so far. Estateguru is currently mixing up the real estate market in the P2P area quite a bit. Recently the 100 million € threshold was reached, i.e. 100 Mio. € invested in real estate projects, primarily in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Finland should come next and some loans from Spain were already on the site. 100 Mio. € credit volume doesn’t seem to be much compared to mintos (which currently achieve this per month), but estateguru is not a marketplace like mintos, it’s a provider that covers the whole process and therefore I find the growth within 6 years very remarkable. estateguru‘s declared goal is to become the leading provider for short-term, real estate secured loans in Europe.

2016 when I came across estateguru, there were not even 5000 investors, currently there are already over 20000 investors and still growing. In spite of the strong investor growth there have always been enough investment opportunities lately, in 2016 you had to lie in wait for a while and immediately strike when new loans were put online.

The two main reasons for me to invest with estateguru and not on German platforms like exporo, bergfürst and co, were the higher interest rate level and the mostly first-class collateral. The German platforms almost always offer the loans with secondary collateral, which means that in the event of a default you only get second place, in most cases a bank is registered first. If something remains after the bank, it is distributed to the investors of the second rank.

According to current statistics, estateguru has over 93% of the loans with a first-ranking land charge, i.e. the probability of a high realisation rate is significantly better. Nevertheless, there are of course also defaults at estateguru and there has been a lot of discussion about recovery lately. In order to improve further, estateguru recently hired the former Head of Retail Credit Risk of Coop as Baltic Risk Manager. So that we can hope that the recovery rates can be further increased.

The raffle

Now for the exciting part, who registers with estateguru between 18.03. and 01.04.2019 via my link and successfully completes the authentication process, automatically participates in the draw.

On 02.04.2019 the two winners will be drawn, both will receive 50€ credit in their estateguru account. The promotion is only valid for new investors. The raffle is carried out directly by estateguru, I will not receive any personal data from you.